Työntekijälle Valpas Yhteys Intra

Transport and logistics

Valpas ensures the availability of workforce in a flexible manner. The service is meant for companies in transport and logistics services, production and heavy industry as well as companies in sales and retail.

We are looking for:

Lorry drivers
Handlers of goods
Forklift drivers
Warehouse managers
Warehouse employees
Articulated truck drivers

Gardening and horticulture

Our personnel has several years' experience in gardening and horticulture, which is why we have a tradition of cooperation with several major players in the field. We know our customers and their individual and seasonal needs. That is why we know when it is time to start the recruitment process.

In the field of gardening, we hire out personnel to Finland's largest rose garden. In horticulture, we provide staffing services to the leading lettuce-, tomato- and cucumber gardens in the business. We also recruit personnel to design, build and maintain parks, recreational areas and green spaces.

The benefits of the process include its quickness, effectiveness and flexibility. Our existing contacts and time-tested operational procedures make succeeding together possible. We also provide services for the public sector and private households.

In the past we have recruited:

Horticulturists, stoneworkers, garden workers, assistant gardeners, head gardeners, landscapists as well as aides and summer employees.

Cleaning services

Our cleaning services make your work environment comfortable and welcoming – and keep it that way. We look after the tidiness of work spaces, hotels, construction sites, homes and staircases with a diligent and energetic attitude.

In addition to cleaning skills, we highlight initiative, social skills, responsibility and an affinity for customer service. If necessary, we have our own cleaning equipment, machines and chemicals.

Ask for an offer as a contract or to be charged by the hour. We also provide services for the public sector and private households.

In the past we have recruited:

Window washers, hotel cleaners, house cleaners, construction cleaners, office cleaners, floor waxers

Construction and metal

Valpas construction workers are professionals in landscaping, construction goods industry and house building. We provide services for building and renovation businesses, workshops and everyone from entrepreneurs to large companies. Our metal workers are employed in demanding and interesting tasks in the ship building industry or machine shops.

We find expert builders and metal workers even outside Finland when it best serves the needs of our customer company. We expect and maintain high working morals by stressing the importance of mutual respect and equality, no matter the nationality. We pay a fair salary and offer great benefits for our employees.

Facade builders, furniture fitters, carpenters, tile installers, painters, landscapers, carpet installers, demolishers, roofers, building aides

Metal work:
Welders (all), AC engineers, metal workers, sheet metal insulators, plumbers, tinsmiths

Nursing services

Our nursing services are tax-deductable (Tax Credit for Domestic Help) and intended for persons living at home and in need of nursing and care. The content of the services is detailed together with customer and incorporated into a service plan. We provide nursing services at all hours, every day. The duration of the service contract is, depending on your needs, open-ended or a single time. The work takes place at the customer's home.

Included in Nursing Services are:

Housekeeping and daily business:
Clothing, pharmacy and grocery services; cooking and weekly cleaning

Personal assistance:
Laundry, help with getting dressed, outdoor activities, transport, daily business

Company and recreation:
Stimulating activities, card games, reading, conversing and keeping company

Child care and babysitting:
Temporary help in child care, transport to hobbies, cooking.